Newlywed Game and RIF

This November, Kappa held their semi-annual RIF event. RIF, or Reading is Fundamental, is one of Kappa’s philanthropy partners, and it is a organization that looks to create a more literate America by giving all children access to books and to help them get excited about reading. This year, philanthropy chairman, Nancy Collins decided that Kappa would host a “newlywed” game. Many different people from different other Greek organizations, and some not involved in Greek life came together to participate. Best friends, bigs and littles, and more all competed against one another to see who knew each other the most. It ended up being a really great and fun night for everyone involved, and Kappa raised a lot of money as well.


A couple days later, Kappa partnered with the Youth Mission Outreach and went to an after school program at a school to host a reading carnival for the kids. There were many different activities, such as basketball, face painting, bookmark crafting, and more. The kids had a lot of fun and really enjoyed interacting with college kids. After the event, Kappa let the kids take home a book, and many were also donated. It was a very enjoyable time for all and the program was very thankful for all that Kappa did!


by Heather Strein


Painting nails and playing games at Pines at Poughkeepsie Nursing Home

The sisters of the Zeta Chi chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma went to Pines at Poughkeepsie Nursing Home the last week of October. It was a great and rewarding experience for us as well as the residents of the home. Some of our sisters gave the women manicures and the women definitely appreciated the new cute colors on their nails!


Other sisters participated in the social, in which we went around to the different floors and residents’ rooms of the home, and asked if they wanted to join us! We played cards or board games with them and it was amazing to hear the feedback from the residents and how much they appreciated and were excited to be able to spend time with Kappa! Hoots to Nancy for planning such a humbling philanthropy event!


By: Lauren Centurioni

Habitat Hut Unity Event

Kappa and the other Greek organizations on campus, took part in the Habitat Hut Unity event. The event was to raise awareness for Habitat for Humanity and to see how Habitat gets involved with all different organizations. Each fraternity and sorority as well as Habitat for Humanity, had to create their own hut using recycled cardboard. At the end, all of the huts would come together to create Greek row.


Each group had a fun time building their huts, and it really showed the creativity skills of each member. All the girls had unique and fun ideas that helped contribute to the construction of an adorable hut with different contributions from each member. Seeing Greek row and how each hut came together really showed the unity between each club and organization, Greek or not Greek.


By: Heather Strein

Founders Day 2014

On October 12th, the sisters of Zeta Chi celebrated Founder’s Day a day early. This celebration was recognizing the 144th year of Kappa. For the celebration, sisters sat with their families and made scrapbook pages!


Using keys, owls, fleur-de-lis, lots of rhinestones, and other decorations, crafting was in full action! Megan Cote, organizer of our celebration, printed pictures of bigs and littles and the rest of the families in letters or at sisterhood events to add the cutest personal touch to the pages. Alongside the scrapbook crafting, the girls of Zeta Chi also painted and decorated keys to wear in their hair, just like the six women who marched into the chapel wearing keys in their hair back in 1870! Hoots to Megan for organizing a memorable event!


By: Lauren Centurioni

Paws and Pals event

The girls of Zeta Chi had their first philanthropy event at the Hudson Valley Organization last Sunday. This organization rescues and rehabilitates domestic wildlife and farm animals. Philanthropy chair Nancy Collins organized the very fun and furry event! She said her mom gave her the idea of helping at the animal shelter and she thought her idea was “amazing.” Nancy acknowledged that most girls in our chapter have a pet so the “girls would be open to helping out some furry friends.”


Along with playing with the cats and walking the dogs; the girls also got their hands dirty. The Kappa’s shoveled hay, cleaned cob webs, and cleaned litter boxes. Catherine Silvernail, a member of the Alpha Pi pledge class said, “The work was worth it because they really needed the help and you could tell they were grateful for it. Plus we were all together  so we made it fun!”


Hoots to Nancy for organizing such a fun event!

First Annual Kappa Kickball RIF Event

For Zeta Chi’s semi-annual RIF event, this semester Philanthropy chair Amera Labib organized  the first annual Kappa Kickball RIF Event followed by a reading carnival at a Poughkeepsie after-care program. RIF, formally known as Reading is Fundamental, is the nation’s oldest and largest non-profit literacy organization, and it is also the national philanthropy of Kappa Kappa Gamma.


To participate in the Kickball tournament, each team member had to donate one children’s book, which was then distributed to the children at the reading carnival. The event was a huge success! Every Greek Organization at Marist was represented, either through book donations or their own kickball team.

Image Image

The reading carnival immediately followed the kickball event, and face-painting, coloring, and bookmark creating stations were set up, each complete with a pile of books. Throughout the carnival, our sisters got to interact with the children and read to them, and each child choose several books to leave with.

Lauren Centurioni, member of the Alpha Xi pledge class, said, “Seeing how excited the kids were about reading was a truly rewardingexperience. As an aspiring teacher, it was humbling to realize that many of these children are not read to on a regular basis, so I am so happy we were able to provide them with books to read and spend the afternoon with them.


Hoots to  RIF and hoots to Amera on a great event!


Nursing Home Bingo Brunch with Zeta Chi

On Saturday April 26th, 14 sisters from the Zeta Chi chapter went to the Lutheran Care Center Nursing Home in Poughkeepsie to spend an afternoon with the residents. The sisters helped set up Bingo, call Bingo, and even play alongside the residents. The residents were thrilled to have company for the afternoon.

Image Maria Gironas and one of the resident got talking in between rounds of Bingo. “I got to talk to her about a lot her life and it was a really humbling opportunity,” said Gironas.

 Image          ImageC

After Bingo was over everyone shared some donuts that the sisters had brought for the residents. This event was a huge success and was also one of the chapter’s last philanthropy events for the spring semester.

Contributed by Emily Crowley